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  • For so many years, the primary focus of the educational system in Grenada had been on the advancement of those young people who would eventually proceed on to the university and professional studies. Many young people whose talents rested outside of the academic sphere were unable to pass the Common Entrance Examination,and were denied admission to the secondary schools. Among those who did enter secondary school, some became discouraged by their inability to keep pace with the academic programme and left the school system at an early age.

  • Based on the SERVOL model, the Catholic, Anglican, Methodist and Presbyterian Church Communities headed by Bishop Emeritus Sydney Charles founded the New Life Organization (NEWLO) in 1984 initially for those young men and women whose interest was in getting a technical or vocational education and training. Their age range was 17-24. Most of those young people were from vulnerable homes and families. In recent years, however, NEWLO has extended its coverage to adult males and females of all ages who desire to pursue Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) whether they are academically inclined or not. In recent years the crop of trainees are school dropouts, secondary school graduates, college graduates, single mothers and other mature people.

Mission Statement

NEWLO aims to provide quality vocational and life skills training for disadvantaged young men and women and people of all ages, religions and creeds, facilitating growth and sustainable development of the individual in relation to the family, the community and the nation.

Vision Statement

We envision an institution that is financially sustainable with first class facilities, well trained and qualified staff, producing trainees who have recognized international, regional or national certification.


  • Holistic Education – SPICES Approach (Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Creative, Emotional, Social)
  • High moral values
  • Accessible
  • Team-focused
  • Passionate
  • Community-oriented
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Training Programmes

The training programme at NEWLO commences with the Adolescent Development Programme (ADP/Life Skills). The majority of the young people who come to NEWLO come from families marked by cyclical violence and a good number of them spend their time on the streets where they are exposed to drugs and all kinds of risk factors. Therefore the 13 weeks life skills programme is aimed at developing basic skills such as Mathematics, English, , reading, and computer skills while at the same time, providing personal development courses geared toward increasing self-esteem and confidence. Spirituality is at the heart of the programme.
  • A trainee who successfully completes the ADP is then invited to do one or two of the 10 skills offered at the centre for a duration of 6 to 18 months:

    1. Hospitality Arts (Food Preparation and Cookery, Restaurant Service, Bartending and Housekeeping)

    2. Plumbing

    3. Electrical Installation

    4. General Construction/Maintenance

    5. General Cosmetology

    6. Computer Engineering (Internationally Certified)

    7. Garment Construction/Fashion Design

    8. Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration

    9. Health Care.

    10. Carpentry/Furniture Making

  • In addition to the ADP and the Skill areas, the trainees are taught to appreciate the value of serving one’s community. Therefore, community service forms an integral part of the training programme. Currently we have a regular training population of about 285 trainees at a ratio of 3:1 male to female. Most of those who drop out of the secondary schools are males. There is a higher percentage of females who complete secondary school than males. That explains why we have a higher male population than female.

  • At present, NEWLO has two centres: Palmiste, where we offer both ADP and Skills Training, and St. Andrew’s Life Centre (SALC) at Mt. St. Ervan’s, which offers only ADP.

  • Apart from the youth who register with us for the regular training programmes, NEWLO also runs skills training programmes for other agencies and government Ministries. We are currently running evening training programmes for about 60 youth and young adults sponsored by the IMANI programme and Market Access and Rural Enterprise Project (MAREP).

  • In the course of the skills training, the trainees get the opportunity to do hands-on-training (internship or job training) within the industries. NEWLO has a working relationship with a number of the businesses and agencies. The majority of the trainees who find employment after the training programme do so through the internships. Over the years, a good number of the past trainees have ventured into and succeeded in starting and growing their own businesses.


  • Trainees who complete the programme at NEWLO get to be certified by:
    1. NEWLO or
    2. The Grenada National Training Agency with National/Caribbean Vocational Qualification (N/CVQ) or
    3. Cisco Networking Academic and CompTIA


  • As a non-profit making organisation, NEWLO relies heavily on government subvention, sponsorships, donations and annual fundraisers (NEWLO FAMILY DAY held in October or November every year) to run its programmes.

  • NEWLO has a residence community facility that provides feeding and lounging to about 60 trainees (40 males and 20 females) from Monday to Friday each week.

Our programme has been extremely well received by the youth of Grenada and the demand to come increases every year. For the past 34 years, NEWLO has trained about 5,000 trainees both males and females. Most of those who have passed through the programme are either self-employed or employed with various businesses. A good number of the past trainees return to offer their services to NEWLO in different capacities.

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