HouseKeeping- Level 2

The CVQ Level 2 in Housekeeping is for individuals whose role in the hospitality sector requires well developed behavioural competencies but whose scope for independent decision making and for bringing about change is limited. Each unit of study is accompanied by a “Hands on” completion project. Persons who attain this qualification can operate independently at this level.
They are likely to be in roles where they are required:

  • Maintain customer care
  • Maintain a safe and working environment
  • Handle and store cleaning equipment and materials
  • Provide laundry services
  • Prepare beds and handle linen and bed coverings

Normally persons working at Level 2 should be able to competently carry out simple, complex and routine work activities and to collaborate
with others through groups and teams

Relevant occupations include:

  • Assistant Housekeeper

The holders of this qualification will demonstrate a range of personal presentations and demonstrations of team work skills and literacy skills.
To achieve this qualifications all core units must be achieved plus a minimum of three Level 1 electives and one elective from Level 2.

Areas of training include the following:

  • Maintain a safe and secure working environment
  • Service toilet, bathroom and public areas
  • Maintain housekeeping supplies
  • Handle and store cleaning equipment and materials
  • Clean soft floor coverings and soft furnishings
  • Provide laundry services
  • Clean doors, windows, walls, ceiling and fixtures
  • Prepare beds and handle linen and bed covering
  • Prepare maintain and clear function areas

Length of Period of Training: Nine (9) months

School Fees

EC$250.00 (Per Term 3 months)

CVQ Fees

EC$450.00 (End Of Training)