Furniture Making – Level 1

The CVQ Level 1 in Furniture Making is for individuals whose Furniture Making role requires well developed behavioural competencies but whose scope for independent decision making and for bringing about change is limited. Each unit of study is accompanied by a “Hands on” completion project. Persons who attain this qualification will operate under supervision.
They are likely to be in roles where they are required:

  • To follow safe working policies and practices
  • To perform interactive workplace communication
  • To complete measurements and calculations of relevant materials
  • To draw and interpret simple layout drawings and sketches
  • To construct, assemble and finish a basic timber-furnishing product
  • To operate basic woodworking machines
  • To identify, select and use hand and power tools in furniture making

Normally persons working at Level 1 should be able to competently carry out simple and routine work activities and to collaborate with others through groups and teams. The qualification covers competencies by providing services in Furniture Making Level 1 such as being able to carry out components of furniture making, furniture finishing, picture framing, glass and glazing, small business management and information technology while working in a safe and hygienic manner.

Relevant occupations include:

  • Machine Operator
  • Cabinet Maker
  • Router Operator

The holders of this qualification will demonstrate a range of personal presentations and demonstrations of team work skills and literacy skills.

Areas of Training include the following:

  • Carry out measurement and calculations
  • Draw and interpret simple drawings
  • Move and store materials and products
  • Read and interpret work documents
  • Construct a basic timber furnishing product
  • Operate basic woodworking machines
  • Use furniture making sector hand and power tools
  • Assemble furnishing components
  • Join solid timber
  • Hand make timber joints
  • Follow plans to assemble production furniture
  • Set up, operate and maintain basic static machines
  • Construct furniture using leg and rail method
  • Produce angled and curved furniture using manufacture boards
  • Cut moulding to length
  • Join moulding
  • Carry out data entry and retrieval procedures
  • Produce angled and curved furniture using solid timber
  • Select timber for furniture production

Length of Period of Training: Nine (6) months

School Fees

EC$250.00 (Per Term 3 months)

CVQ Fees

Pending (Present: NEWLO Certification)