What is the age to be admitted to NEWLO?

What skills training Programmes are offered at NEWLO?

How often does NEWLO admit Trainees?

What documents do I submit for registration?

What is ADP?

Does NEWLO offer any international certification?

Can someone Register on my behalf?

Are Trainees required to wear uniforms?

Does NEWLO offer CVQ/NVQ?

What is the cost of a replacement of a NEWLO Certificate?

Can I do more than one skill at NEWLO?

When is graduation held?

Does NEWLO offer scholarship?

How long does the training at NEWLO last?

Does NEWLO provide accommodation for trainees?

Do you need CXC passes to register into NEWLO?

Do you need to pass an entry exams to be accepted into NEWLO?

Do you need to pass an entry exams to be accepted into NEWLO?

Is internship or on-the-job-training part of the programme at NEWLO?

The age range is from 17 – 24: Male or Female
Cosmetology, Health & Geriatric Care, Plumbing, General Construction, Air-condition & Refrigeration, Fashion Design, Hospitality Services (Commercial Food, Restaurant & Bar Service, Bartending & Housekeeping), Electrical Installation, Computer Engineering & Furniture Making
Every term (Every three months)
  • Recommendation letter from the last school attended
  • Birth Certificate and a photocopy
  • Must be accompanied by a Parent/Guardian/Sponsor for registration
Adolescent Development Programme. This the Life Skills and Personal Development phase, the first part, of the training programme at NEWLO
Yes, NEWLO offers international certification. This includes Cisco IT Essentials, CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network + and CompTIA Security+.
NEWLO is also a registered Pearson VUE testing center where you can do all your online exams
No, NEWLO requires all persons registering to be physically present and to be accompanied by a parent or guardian or sponsor
Yes, all Trainees are expected to wear a navy blue long pants for male, together with either a blue or orange jersey. Similarly, the female trainees are expected to wear a navy blue skirt, together with either a blue or orange jersey. In addition, some Departments have their own industry uniforms which they wear on selected days
Yes, NEWLO trainees are certified by the Grenada National Training Agency (GNTA) with either a CVQ or an NVQ. Trainees who successfully completes the programme get a NEWLO Certificate as well.
The cost is EC$25.00
Yes, trainees have the opportunity to do a minimum of one skill or a maximum of two skills
Graduation is usually held during the first or second week in July every year
Yes, usually to serious but needy trainees who are in the Technical Skills phase of the training programme
The Technical Skills last from 6 months (CVQ Level 1) to 9 months (CVQ Level 2). The duration for the ADP or Life Skills is currently under review, but for now it is 13 weeks
Yes, NEWLO has a residence facility for boarding and lodging at Palmiste, St. John, from Monday morning to Friday afternoon each week
No. However, having CXC passes is a great asset for you
No. However, all applicants take English and Math assessment tests to assist NEWLO in determining the level of remedial assistance each trainee may need when they commence the programme.
Yes, every NEWLO registered trainee either from ADP or from other skills departments who wish to be accepted into the Computer Engineering programme must pass an entrance exam from the department
Yes, NEWLO trainees have the opportunity either during the training or at the end of the training to be placed with one of the businesses or service providers in the areas of their training