Board Of Directors – Staff Of Newlo

Sis. Margaret Yamoah Executive Director

Executive Director

Mr. David Duncan

ICT Instructor

Sis. Mary Ann DeShong

ADP Coordinator – Palmiste

Mr. Curtis James

Instructor – Air-condition/Refrigeration

Ronel Andrews

Residence Community

Ms. Rolda Mitchell

Geriatric Care Instructor

Dannylean Horsford

TD Instructor

Mr. Elvis Duncan

Instructor – ADP

Mr. Kingston Charles

Instructor – Carpentry/Furniture Making

Ms. Bernadette Phillip

Instructor – Cosmetology

Mrs. Lorna Douglas

Marketing Manager

Ms. Carol O’Farel Skills Coordinator

Skills Coordinator

Roslyn Williams

Tuckshop Staff

Ms. Reba Calliste

Instructor – ADP

Ms. Shelly Belfon-Frank

Instructor - Hospitality Services

Mrs. Tahira Simon

ICT Instructor

Mr. Callistus Edwards

Electrical Installation

Instructor – Electrical Installation

Sis. Cornelia Darimaani

ADP Coordinator – SALC

Ms. Beverly Collins

Instructor – Child Care

Ms. Kimberly Walker

Administrative Assistant

Ms. Versulla Lorainey

Instructor - Fashion Design

Mr. Clyton Pierre

ICT Coordinator

Mr. Bruce Edwards

Residence Community/Instructor - Plumbing

Ms. Dale Neptune

Literacy Coordinator

Mrs. Michelle James


Ms. Alisha Knight

Instructor – ADP

Ms. Amanda Farray

Instructor - Hospitality Services

Mrs. Katusha Alexander

Instructor – ADP

Mr. Dexter Joseph

Instructor - General Construction