BRIEF Course Outline of the Programmes of Training at NEWLO

BRIEF Course Outline of the Programmes of Training at NEWLO


 BRIEF COURSE OUTLINE: When trainees complete the course, they should be able to, among other   competencies:
Refrigeration & AC CVQ Level 1
  • Use hand and power tools
  • Draw and interpret sketches and simple drawings
  • Use graduated measuring devices
  • Use electrical/electronic measuring devices
  • Perform control and protection procedures (residential)
  • Maintain system components (residential)
  • Install air-conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation equipment and components (residential)
  • Perform brazing and/or silver soldering
  • Attach flexible cables and plugs to electrical machinery appliances and fixtures
Photovoltaic(Solar) Installation & Maintenance CVQ Level 2
  • Use access equipment
  • Maintain health and safety in the photovoltaic array installation environment
  • Work with photovoltaic systems
  • Use and maintain measuring devices and tools
  • Prepare structure for photovoltaic panel installation – new structure
  • Fix photovoltaic panels into a roof structure
  • Use electrical/electronic measuring devices
Plumbing CVQ Level 2
  •  Prepare for and install piping and tubing installation
  • Assemble pipes and fittings for clients
  • Perform brazing and/or silver soldering
  • Use workshop machines for basic operations
  • Operate in an autonomous team environment
  • Install plumbing fixtures
  • Install plumbing and auxiliary equipment
  • Prepare material and locations for installing drains and
  • waste systems
  • Assemble, install and maintain distribution systems and components
General Construction CVQ Level 2
  • Draw and Interpret simple drawings
  • Carry out measurements and calculations
  • Use hand and power tools
  • Use small plant and equipment
  • Erect and dismantle restricted height scaffolding
  • Carry out excavation and install support
  • Carry out Concreting to simple forms
  • Carry out plastering, brick block laying, carpentry, painting, steel work
Furniture Making CVQ Level 2
  • Construct a basic timber-furnishing product
  • Set up and operate woodworking machines
  • Use furniture making hand and power tools
  • Assemble furnishing components
  • Construct furniture using leg and rail method
  • Produce angled and curved furniture using manufactured board
  • Select timbers for furniture production
  • Apply stains, fillers and bleach
  • Install furnishing products
  • Estimate and cost job
Food Preparation & Cookery CVQ Level 2
  • Maintain and handle knives
  • Maintain and promote hygiene in food storage, preparation and cooking
  • Prepare and cook basic fish dishes
  • Prepare and cook basic hot and cold sauces
  • Prepare and cook basic meat, poultry and offal dishes
  • Prepare and cook basic soups
  • Prepare and cook vegetables for basic hot dishes and salads
  • Prepare, bake and decorate basic cakes, cookies and biscuits
  • Prepare and cook basic dough products and quick breads
  • Prepare and cook basic egg dishes
  • Prepare and cook basic pasta dishes
  • Prepare and cook basic pastry dishes
  • Prepare and cook basic rice dishes
Bartending CVQ Level 2
  • Prepare and Serve Non- alcoholic Beverages
  • Operate a Bar
  • Receive and Store Stocks
  • Carry out Data Entry and Retrieval Procedures
  • Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol
  • Prepare and Serve Cocktails
  • Process Cash and Non-cash Transactions
  • Provide Specialist Wine Service
  • Provide First Aid
  • Promote Products and Services to Customers
  • Deal With Conflicts Situations
Restaurant Server CVQ Level 2
  • Create and maintain effective working relationships
  • Maintain customer care
  • Maintain a safe and secure working environment
  • Prepare and clear tables and service areas
  • Maintain payment point for cash and non-cash payments
  • Prepare and serve bottled wines
  • Provide a table or tray service
  • Take and serve beverages orders
  • Decorate restaurant area and do floral arrangements for an event
Fashion Design CVQ Level 2
  • Develop and use Entrepreneurial Strategies
  • Follow Health and Safety Procedures
  • Set up and operate Industrial Machines
  • Measure, lay up, cut, assemble, sew and press  Custom Model  Garments
  • Apply Quality Standards To Work
  • Package Goods
  • Work With Colleagues
  • Work With Customers
  • Carry out data entry and retrieval
Electrical Installation CVQ Level 2 and Electrical Electronics Maintenance CVQ Level 2
  • Follow principles of Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) in work environment
  • Use electrical/electronic measuring devices
  • Draw and interpret sketches and simple drawings
  • Prepare for electrical conduits/wiring installation
  • Use hand and power tools
  • Perform manual soldering/de-soldering electrical/electronic components
  • Install, terminate and connect electrical wiring
  • Cut, bend and install electrical conduit
  • Disconnect and reconnect fixed wired electrical machinery, appliances and fixtures
  • Attach flexible cables & plugs to electrical machinery appliances and fixtures
  • Install distribution panels, metering sockets, terminal mains and meter earthing systems
  • Cut fit and install trunking systems
  • Prepare and install basic cable trays
  • Install electrical/electronic apparatus, machinery, fixtures and secondary wiring
  • Perform inspection (basic)
  • Check/identify/isolate/rectify malfunctioning electrical machinery appliance and fixtures
  • Check/identify/isolate/rectify malfunctioning electrical machinery appliance and fixtures
  • Service and maintain motor control systems
Early Childhood Development CVQ Level 2
  • Follow early childhood Sectors, policies, procedures,Regulations.
  • Apply basic communication skills
  • Support children’s nutritional needs, involvement in activities, language, cognitive, social and cognitive development
  • Maintain a child oriented environment
  • Make learning resources for children
  • Support parents in their parenting roles
  • Provide support to children affected by domestic violence
  • Facilitate the development of the exceptional child
  • Perform administrative management functions for an early childhood development institution
Cosmetology CVQ Level 2
  • Maintain a safe, clean and  efficient work environment
  • Prepare clients for salon service
  • Provide manicure and pedicure services
  • Merchandise beauty care and related products
  • Schedule and check clients
  • Sell products and services
Carpentry CVQ Level 2
  • Follow principles of Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) in work environment
  • Draw and interpret simple drawings
  • Carry out measurements and calculations
  • Use hand and power tools, and static machines
  • Erect and dismantle restricted height scaffolding
  • Prepare for carpentry construction
  • Assemble and construct simple partition frames
  • Install sub-floor framing, timber and sheet flooring, door and window frames
  • Use explosive power tools (EPT)
  • Erect/dismantle form-work
  • Construct timber external stairs
Allied Health (Geriatric Care) CVQ Level 2
  • Maintain A safe , Clean And Efficient Work Environment
  • Prepare Bed For occupancy
  • Apply Basic First Aid
  •  Prepare Medical Equipment And supplies
  • Provide Nutritional Care
  • Provide  Care Support to Senior Citizens
  • Measure Vital Signs
  • Care for the dying Elderly Person
  • Observe, Detect and respond to signs of abuse
  • Co-ordinate work in the aged care sector
Computer Engineering – CompTIA A+
  • Hardware 

Identifying, using, and connecting hardware components and devices, including the broad knowledge about different devices that is now necessary to support the remote workforce


  • Operating Systems  

Install and support Window OS including command line & client support. System configuration imaging and troubleshooting for Mac OS, chrome OS Android and Linux OS.


  • Software Troubleshooting  

Troubleshoot PC and mobile device issues including common OS, malware and security issues.


  • Networking  

Explain types of networks and connections including TCP/IP, WIFI and SOHO.


  • Troubleshooting  

Troubleshoot real-world device and network issues quickly and efficiently.


  • Security  

Identify and protect against security vulnerabilities for devices and their network connections.


Computer Engineering – CompTIA Network+
  • Networking Fundamentals 

Explain basic networking concepts including network services, physical connections, topologies and architecture, and cloud connectivity.


  • Networking Implementations  

Explains routing technologies and networking devices; deploy ethernet solutions and configure wireless technologies.



  • Network Operations  

Monitor and optimize networks to ensure business continuity.


  • Network Security  

Explain security concepts and network attacks in order to harden networks against threats.


  • Network Troubleshooting  

Troubleshoot common cable, connectivity, and software issues related to networking