Photovoltaic (Solar) Panel Installation – Roofer/Fitter Levels 1 &l 2

Photovoltaic (Solar) Panel Installation – Roofer/Fitter Levels 1 &l 2

The Photovoltaic (Solar)Panel Installation – Roofer/Fitter Levels 1 & 2 is a competency-based qualification that covers installing photovoltaic (PV) panels and systems onto roofs or in non-roof structures. It is suitable for those who install photovoltaic panels as PV Installers or Solar Panel Installers. It covers communicating and working with others; working at heights; PV systems; and locating, preparing, testing, handling, fixing, and completing the installation of photovoltaic panels. The importance and requirements of health and safety are emphasized throughout the qualification. Among other areas, trainees will learn how to:
 Prepare materials selected for installation process
 Prepare work area for installation process
 Use tools and equipment appropriate for installation process
 Prepare background of services/environment for electrical
 Install conduit/wiring installation
 Handle materials
 Store material
 Draw and interpret sketches and simple drawings U50402
 Prepare free-hand sketch
 Interpret details from free-hand sketch
 Select correct technical drawing
 Identify drawing requirements
 Prepare or make changes to engineering drawing
 Perform manual handling and lifting
 Lift materials Move/shift materials
 Prepare structure for photovoltaic panel installation
 Select and prepare installation equipment
 Fix photovoltaic panels into a roof structure
 Locate and mark out area where panels are to be fixed
 Expose roof area to attach panels within roof structure
 Remove existing roof covering for fixing panel in roof mounting kit
 Fit and fix panel to roof structure
 Fix panel in roof mounting system
 Connect panels
 Fix photovoltaic panels onto a non-roof structure U50802
 Mark out location to install photovoltaic panels
 Check suitability and conditions of location
 Select and fix bracket mounting system to non-roof structures
 Fix panels to mounting system
 Connect panels together

Relevant occupation includes:

Solar technician

Solar engineer

Solar energy installer

Solar specialist


Areas of training include:

Installation of inverter

Installation of panel

Installation of battery bank

Installation of charges controller

Sizing of panel, inverter, charge controller, battery bank