Electrical Electronics Maintenance Level 2

Electrical Electronics Maintenance Level 2

This course addresses the safety, quality, communication, materials handling, recording, and reporting associated with the taking of electrical/electronic measurements or requiring the exercise of the skills and knowledge. Trainees among other things will learn:
 Interpreting drawings and specifications
 basic operations in simple geometry,
 measurement and calculations
 costing relative to the automotive trade processes
 estimation and measurement
 to preform basic statistics (data, tables, graphs and sales)
 mathematical statements and formulae Skills
 operate electronic calculating devices
 communicate effectively
 demonstrate safe working practices
 demonstrate the ability to measure and calculate manually
 demonstrate the ability to operate electrical/electronic measuring devices
 demonstrate the ability to record measurement
 take responsibility for the quality of their own work
 use accepted engineering techniques, practices, processes and workplace procedure
 The ability to follow safely to instructions

Relevant occupation includes:


Electronics Technician



Areas of training include:

Single and three phase Industrial motor

Single and three phase transformer installation

single and three phase distribution system installation and maintenance

industrial machine installation

power and lighting circuit installation

electronic repair

electronic programming

installation of trunkling and conduits

installation of power supply

repair of power circuit

identifying electronic components.